Your Floral Haven at Elm Creek Flower Farm

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Sulphur Springs, TX, Elm Creek Flower Farm is a labor of love and a testament to our commitment to the preservation of our town's rich history. As a family-owned and operated flower and pumpkin farm, we take great pride in offering you a glimpse into our heritage and a connection to the beauty of nature.

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Rooted in Tradition

Originally known as the “Dairy Capital of Texas,” Sulphur Springs has a deep agricultural history, and Elm Creek Flower Farm is part of that legacy. In our mission to honor the past and contribute to our town's vibrant future, we transformed our original dairy barn into the Flower Barn—a place where fresh flowers and the nostalgia of bygone days come together.

Hand-Planted, Heartfelt

Our farm is a testament to the care and dedication that go into every bloom. We cultivate tens of thousands of flowers throughout the growing season, all planted by hand with meticulous attention to detail. We believe that the personal touch we put into our flower fields adds a unique character to every bouquet.

Seasonal Beauty from Spring to Fall

At Elm Creek Flower Farm, we are passionate about growing a diverse array of flowers that bring joy from Spring through Fall. We carefully select flower varieties that thrive in our climate and soil, ensuring that we offer you the freshest and most vibrant blooms in each season. Our dedication to sustainable and organic farming practices ensures that you can enjoy the beauty of our flowers with peace of mind.

A Community Affair

We consider ourselves fortunate to be part of the Sulphur Springs community, and we are deeply committed to giving back. Our farm hosts seasonal events and workshops, allowing us to share our love for flowers and farming with our neighbors and visitors from afar. We are proud to be a place where families, friends, and flower enthusiasts come together to create lasting memories.

Visit Us and Experience the Magic

Elm Creek Flower Farm is more than just a farm; it's a place where traditions are cherished, and the beauty of nature is celebrated. We invite you to visit us, experience the enchanting atmosphere, and be a part of our floral family.

At Elm Creek Flower Farm, every flower tells a story, and every visitor becomes part of our journey. Join us in celebrating the magic of nature, the richness of our history, and the joy of community.

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